Change Malaysia via Cryptocurrency

Harapan Coin enters the bitcoin revolution for the purpose of eliciting opposing sentiments against the current governing coalition, in preparation for the coming election.

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The World's First Crypto-Politic ICO The World's First Crypto-Politic ICO

We are a group of patriotic and concerned Malaysian citizens, within and outside of Malaysia, that has undertaken the mammoth task to rally ALL & ANY Malaysian, who loves and cares for the future of their country, to contribute and collect monies to fund an opposition movement in preparation for the upcoming General Election 14 (GE14) in Malaysia.

Sharifah H.

in London

Contribute 1,250 HRP

Jamie C.

in Sydney

Contribute 250 HRP

Khairul A.

in Dubai

Contribute 250 HRP

Suhanthini K.

in Berlin

Contribute 2,100 HRP

Seliyan S.

in Islamabad

Contribute 1,500 HRP

Mona A.

in Jamestown

Contribute 750 HRP

Amzar A.

in Dublin

Contribute 1,500 HRP

Manimala M.

in Manila

Contribute 1,250 HRP

Long S.

in Kuwait City

Contribute 500 HRP

Atikah A.

in Rome

Contribute 1,500 HRP

Kelly T.

in New York

Contribute 1,250 HRP

Viraiyn R.

in Vienna

Contribute 2,100 HRP

Chin W.

in Brunei

Contribute 300 HRP

Nurul A.

in Stockholm

Contribute 1,250 HRP

Joyce T.

in Ottawa

Contribute 500 HRP

Arif I.

in Hanoi

Contribute 1,500 HRP

Selva P.

in Jakarta

Contribute 1,250 HRP

Mun H.

in Helsinki

Contribute 2,100 HRP


Barisan Nasional have been in power for 60 years, its wealth and financial strength accumulated through...


robbing Malaysia out of its wealth. THE FACT: Money ALWAYS win in any corrupt system, and fairness relegated to the side. GE-14 will be the MOTHER of all election, and BN in its desperation will throw ALL and EVERYTHING...

UNFAIR influence
and UNDUE fear

to stay in control of the government.

What is needed?

Politics, being the game of perception, and election being the game of equation, MONEY will always be the zero sum game.
That is WHY, we, a group of concerned Malaysians has taken this arduous task and responsibility to mobilise this movement by creating the world’s FIRST DIGITAL currency to FINANCE the biggest and final task of pursuing CHANGE and A NEW HOPE for Malaysia, to take over the GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITY from the corrupted hands of Barisan Nasional by winning in the upcoming GENERAL ELECTION 14.

Buy into a new change, invest in a new era of democracy by using a proven uncorrupted blockchain technology.

Participate and be part of a never-been-done before method of changing a corrupt regime to save a nation and its people in need.



Auditable Ledger

Easy to distribute and all transactions are recorded in a distributed ledger that is auditable.

Digital Currency

Potential to become an official currency if Harapan wins election. Supported and co-founded by YB Khalid Samad (Minister of Federal Territories).

Supporter Contribution

Harapan Coin as a beacon of hope to supporters seeking a better future. And supporters are acknowledged (anonymously) for their contribution.

Fund Campaign

Coin collected are expected to rise in price, and funds can be allocated more efficiently between campaign expenses, fulfilling manifestos and as reserve funding for next election.

The “opposition” party in Malaysia shall be defined as a combination of political and non-political movement that shall provide a more focussed and centred coalition that, with proper and sufficient fundings, will be able to defeat the current ruling Barisan Nasional coalition and attain a more proper and just government that will ALWAYS put ALL Malaysians’ interest first.



Aziz M.
Team Leader

I was responsible for collecting funds for PR previous election from New York, but the money was frozen and only released after the election ended.

Yi Ling
Marketing & PR

Last GE13, I transferred a huge amount of money to Malaysia to help the opposition, and the money was returned back. My banker in Melbourne said, the Malaysian Central Bank has stopped all suspicious money coming from overseas.

Pathmanathan K.
Blockchain Developer

Having previously worked on the bitcoin evolution app, I am a strong believer cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, we can bypass the abuse of power by the Central Bank, conducted by the Malaysian kleptocracy regime.

Anthony R.
Web Developer

I believe crypto is the only chance to change Malaysia.

Awang Y.
Graphic Designer

If we lose this time, it will be harder next time.

Due to the Draconian laws of limiting and non-respecting individual rights to freedom of expression of the current BN government. For utmost security as not wanting to be tracked by BN Malaysia's special branch department, we have no choice but to blur our facial pictures.


Our goal is to collect monies to fund and finance the opposition movement against the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition whom has ruled this great country for almost 60 years. And we firmly believe that time for change has come. Read through our website, browse through our links, download our whitepaper for you to understand that you are investing into a new Era of change in Malaysia.
100 HRP
45 USD
300 HRP
135 USD
500 HRP
225 USD
1,000 HRP
450 USD
1,000 HRP
0.20 USD
  • Limit: 15,000,000 HRP@ 3,000,000 USD
ICO Phase 1 0.30 USD
Limit: 400,000,00 HRP @ 120,000,000 USD
ICO Phase 2 0.45 USD
Limit: 385,000,000 HRP @ 134,750,000 USD
Total Target: 257,750,000 USD
For election purpose

Presale distribution

50% Marketing
Blockchain & Tech Dev 25%
15% Team & Management
Bounties 10%
* Not to be traded / sold in Malaysia


January 2017


February 2017

Team + Brainstorming

May 2017

Planning and Strategy

October 2017

Discussion with Opposition Party

1st January 2018

Pre Sale Launch
Blockchain Development
Web Wallet
Desktop Wallet (Mac + Windows)
Mobile Wallet (Android)

4th - 19th April 2018

ICO Phase 1

April 2018

Declaration of Supporting Parties
ICO Phase 2
Distribution of funds
Ready for Election
Contribution for voters
Take over Putrajaya

June 2018

Development on merchant system / payment gateway
Further development for HRP Coin
Funding project based on Manifesto


End of ICO Phase 2


#IniKaliLah #TumbangNajib

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